Someone You Need to Know

“Someone You Need To Know” explores the personal stories and journeys of trendsetters, tastemakers, societal change agents, and industry leaders.

My goal is to introduce and connect you to everyday people doing impactful work across the country whose stories are often overlooked by the masses and often untold. 

Simply put, “Someone You Need To Know” is a show cast that shares the inspiring and impactful stories of everyday people you need to know.  “Someone You Need To Know” is available via >>>>podcast.

Meet Harry Porterfield, Emmy Award-wining Journalist behind hit TV series “Someone You Should Know”

In this recent episode of “Someone You Need To Know”, Rashanah chatted with Emmy Award-winning veteran journalist Harry Porterfield. Porterfield is a well-respected journalist, attorney, violinist, and retired WBBM-TV anchor who has worked in broadcast since 1955. Porterfield shares how the award-winning TV series “Someone You Should Know” came into fruition. Porterfield shares how the…

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Exploring Social Activism, Economic Empowerment, & Political Engagement With Dr. Barbara Ransby

In this week’s episode of “Someone You Need To Know”, Rashanah discusses the Black agenda for the Biden/Harris Administration, economic empowerment, political engagement, and social activism with Dr. Barbara Ransby, Historian, UIC Professor, Activist, and Author. For years Dr. Ransby has been doing notable work not just nationally but internationally around social justice. “She was…

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Rallying The Vote!

America braces for national civil unrest pending results of the 2020 presidential election as polls close in less than 3 days. In a conversation with Maggie O’Keefe, 40th Ward Committeewoman, we explore the work she is doing to mobilize Generation Z to show up to the polls,  how she is using her platform to do…

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