“Someone You Need to Know” Showcast

“Someone You Need To Know” is a combination of both video interviews and audio podcast interviews that explores the personal stories and journeys of trendsetters, tastemakers, societal change agents, and industry leaders.

My goal is to introduce and connect you to everyday people doing impactful work across the country whose stories are often overlooked by the masses and often untold. 

Simply put, “Someone You Need To Know” shares the inspiring and impactful stories of everyday people you need to know.  “Someone You Need To Know” is available via my youtube channel and all major podcast platforms. Please be sure to subscribe and stay connected.

Rallying The Vote!

America braces for national civil unrest pending results of the 2020 presidential election as polls close in less than 3 days. In a conversation with Maggie O’Keefe, 40th Ward Committeewoman, we explore the work she is doing to mobilize Generation Z to show up to the polls,  how she is using her platform to do…

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The Urgency of Now! Rocking The Vote Like Never Before in 2020!

In this week’s episode, Rashanah caught up with Ted Williams, III who explains why this 2020 presidential election is more important than any other U.S. election. Williams explains why voting in all elections are important, Ice Cube’s Black Agenda, how President Trump became president and past policies of former Vice President Joe Biden. Plus Williams…

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Leading Communities In Faith Through A Global Pandemic

Keeping the faith is one way to navigate the challenges the world faces in 2020 with the global pandemic of COVID-19 and recent national civil rest in the United States. I recently talked with Pastor Jonathan Brooks of Chicago on how he is keeping the peace in his home community of West Englewood, how residents…

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Voting With Purpose During All Election Cycles!

The phrase “Vote Like Your Life Depends On It” rings loudly and consistently during these uncertain times in our world. The 2020 presidential election is less than two weeks, and the battle between political parties gets muddy as everything seems to be at stake. I go deep with Oren Jacobson, Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director of…

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Exploring The State of Housing In Chicago During A Global Panademic

Sarah and I go deep into the state of the housing market in Chicago. We explore the unfavorable lending practices and often times bias underwriting standards toward Black & Brown future homeowners. We discuss ways in which NHS Chicago is helping current homeowners, future homeowners, and how they are holding financial institutions accountable for better…

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