“Someone You Need to Know” Showcast

“Someone You Need To Know” is a combination of both video interviews and audio podcast interviews that explores the personal stories and journeys of trendsetters, tastemakers, societal change agents, and industry leaders.

My goal is to introduce and connect you to everyday people doing impactful work across the country whose stories are often overlooked by the masses and often untold. 

Simply put, “Someone You Need To Know” shares the inspiring and impactful stories of everyday people you need to know.  “Someone You Need To Know” is available via my youtube channel and all major podcast platforms. Please be sure to subscribe and stay connected.

Business as Usual During COVID-19 with Karl Riley II

In this interview, I chat with Karl Riley II, VP of Small Business Community Lending with Fifth Third Bank in Chicago on the changes in the bank industry, how to get financial assistance for small businesses, and new lending protocols as #COVID19 has changed every industry. We discuss how entrepreneurs can seek assistance via the Paycheck…

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Coffee Chat on Entrepreneurship with Trez V. Pugh III

This past summer I caught up with Trez V. Pugh, III of Sip & Savor Chicago for a coffee chat, we explored pivoting in entrepreneurship, keeping your business afloat during a pandemic, and the impact of worldwide protests to end racial injustices against Blacks. Trez V. Pugh, III is the Founder & CEO of Sip…

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Dentistry During COVID 19 with Smile Theory Dental

I explore dentistry during the COVID-19 and what the new normal will become post-COVID-19 with Dr. Alexandra Jundt and Dr. Kenya McCaleb owners of Smile Theory at Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. Here some tips they recommended following: 1. Wash your hands before brushing and flossing. The CDC recommends washing your hands with soap and…

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Exploring The Film Industry During A Pandemic with Mark Harris

Will the film industry go back to normal? Can actors still work? Can they file unemployment? These are questions Hollywood faces. I talk with international film director, producer, and writer Mark Harris on what the new normal will become for the film industry as the world deals with the pandemic of COVID-19. Mark Harris is…

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Sheltering In Place During COVID-19 West Coast Style

Could you imagine being 9 months pregnant and raising a family during #COVID19? I chat with Sana Shukairy from The Bay Area who discusses her new normal during pregnancy, Ramadan, and raising a family. Shukairy is a wife, mother, educator, and sheltering in place with her family during COVID-19. Learn more on how she is…

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Governing Locally During COVID-19 with Ald. Raymond Lopez

In this interview, I talk with 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez of Chicago on how he runs his ward during COVID-19. Lopez also discusses the racial and ethnic health disparities that the Black and Brown communities face, the measures his office is taking to keep residents safe, food delivery to families, and why he believes…

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