“Someone You Need to Know” Showcast

“Someone You Need To Know” is a combination of both video interviews and audio podcast interviews that explores the personal stories and journeys of trendsetters, tastemakers, societal change agents, and industry leaders.

My goal is to introduce and connect you to everyday people doing impactful work across the country whose stories are often overlooked by the masses and often untold. 

Simply put, “Someone You Need To Know” shares the inspiring and impactful stories of everyday people you need to know.  “Someone You Need To Know” is available via my youtube channel and all major podcast platforms. Please be sure to subscribe and stay connected.

Matthew A. Cherry’s “Hair Love” Win’s Oscar!

Chicago’s very own Mathew A. Cherry, former NFL Player turned Oscar award-winning Film Director was welcomed home on February 20, 2020, to a Black History Celebration by Macy’s and a toast to his latest success, an Oscar. The celebration included a screening of his new Oscar-winning short film “Hair Love” followed by a “Q&A” where…

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Good In Englewoood

What’s Good in Englewood is a media campaign created by Rashanah Baldwin, using #goodinenglewood to share positive news stories about Englewood. The goal is to create a better perception of the community and show that there is hope. To broadcast these stories, Rashanah has her own radio program, does TV appearances, and uses social media. …

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