The Urgency of Now! Rocking The Vote Like Never Before in 2020!

In this week’s episode, Rashanah caught up with Ted Williams, III who explains why this 2020 presidential election is more important than any other U.S. election. Williams explains why voting in all elections are important, Ice Cube’s Black Agenda, how President Trump became president and past policies of former Vice President Joe Biden. Plus Williams shares how he is keeping his students informed about the role civics plays in our everyday lives.

Ted Williams III has taught Political Science at Wright College, Chicago State University, and currently is the Chairman of the Social Science Department at Kennedy-King College. He holds degrees in Public Policy Studies from the University of Chicago and Rutgers University and is the former host of WYCC-PBS television’s The Professors weekly talk show. He has provided political commentary for BET-TV, WGN-TV, NBC-TV, Upfront with Jesse Jackson, PRI’s Smiley and West, WVON radio, and a host of periodicals.

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