Talking “Troubled Waters” & African American Museum of The Arts with Harry Lennix

Unstoppable! is one way to describe actor Harry Lennix, a native Chicagoan by way of the South Shore neighborhood. He has appeared in not just one but two hit TV series in 2020 and is not stopping anytime soon. Lennix can be seen in roles in the TV series “The Black List ” and “Billions” (airs via Netflix, NBC, and Showtime). Plus the upcoming Netflix series, “Army of the Dead” by Zack Snyder.

I recently chatted with Lennix about his new film and creation of the African-American Museum of Performing Arts (AAMPA) in Chicago. “Troubled Waters” is the latest project he stars in, airing this Thursday, December 10, on BET Plus. Lennix stars as Ron Waters, a troubled comedian making a comeback to re-establish his career.

Impressive is just an understatement when asked about being busy consistently during the pandemic with back to back series and on-going projects. “Acting is a form of meditation and prayer,” Lennix adds.

Lennix shows up for his hometown Chicago with the launch and creation of a two-story complex African American Museum of the Arts in the historic Bronzeville community. Lennix and his partners acquired the building located at 4343 South Cottage Grove Ave. The project is a recipient of a loan by the Chicago Community Loan Fund: Fifth Third Bank in 2019. According to Lennix, the African-American Museum of Performing Arts (AAMPA) will celebrate Black contributions to the performing arts, including dance to film to music to theater and shine a light on the much-needed Southside Chicago. Lennix notes that positive images and celebration of Blacks’ contributions to the arts need to be shown in our communities and taught. 

The museum will be an archive of the collective history of the great works and experiences of the African Diaspora. Additionally, the building will be equipped with a theatre space for companies to utilize and showcase their work.

Lennix is hoping doors to open in the late Fall of 2021.

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