Chicago Politics , public policy concerns & more with Amara Enyia

In this week’s episode of “Someone You Need To Know,” Rashanah revisits a conversation from early this year on Chicago Politics, the meaning of defunding the police, public policy issues, community organizing vs. community activism, and more with Dr. Amara Enyia! The documentary “City So Real” came out in late 2020 and followed the journey of several Chicagoans vying for the crowded 2019 mayoral race, including Amara Enyia who got support from Kanya West and Chance Da Rapper.

Dr. Amara Enyia is a Strategist, Social Innovation, and Social Impact professional and public policy expert on city and state policy and international affairs/foreign policy with expertise in Central Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. She writes extensively on issues of education, economic development, fiscal policy, equity in policy, and systems thinking.

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