Wine Chat On The Entrepreneur Hustle With Wine Enthusiast Chrishon Lampley

In this week’s episode of “Someone You Need To Know”, Rashanah chat’s with entrepreneur and Chicagoan Chrishon Lampley who shares her experience of turning losses into wins by founding Love Cork Screw Wines to how she was able to pivot during COVID-19 in 2020 and now in 2021 expanding her wine brand nationally.

Can you mix different color wines together? How do you pair wine with your food? Can you put ice in wine? How long should you keep wine after opening? What exactly is vegan wine? Chrishon breaks down the need to know information about indulging in wines and the wine industry itself!

Many businesses and specifically Black-owned businesses were forced to close their doors after the economic fall out from COVID-19, Chrishon did the complete opposite and she shares with Rashanah how she kept moving her businesses forward.

Chrishon Lampley is a negociant, wine enthusiast, and founder of LCS Entertainment, LLC that features Love Cork Screw wines. Love Cork Screw is a lifestyle brand that launched six varietals in December 2013 in Chicago. Since its inception, the LCS brand has acquired over 300 locations including, Target, Mariano’s, Binny’s, Whole Foods, World Market, Walmart, and more. Lampley’s 15 years’ of experience in the industry has given her keen awareness of what the traditional wine novice and enthusiast enjoys and what the market is missing. Touching all senses, five wine-scented candles were added to the portfolio in 2014 available on, and online. LCS Entertainment, LLC provides consumers a line of Love Cork Screw wine varietals that offer the sophisticated and novice wine enthusiasts a range of choices for any palate. Each sleek wine bottle is colorful, whimsical, and fun. LCS Entertainment, LLC is a certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise).

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